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Z.I Les Pointards
18410 Brinon sur Sauldre
Pho. 33 248 58 50 58
Fax. 33 248 81 54 70

Referrals and viewing loads of laundry throughout the workshop Laundry :

  • Conveying of unsorted dirty linen
  • Automatic sorting station (counting and weighing)
  • Conveying the sorted linen
  • Washing equipment
  • Materials of wringing and drying
  • Conveying clean linen (bags and conveyor belts)

  • Automatism and supervision : a simple and friendly use

  • Computers running Windows
  • Command automatic of the storage and the destockage (on conveyor belts and slings)
  • Follow up and identification on screen loads of linen
  • Routing linen throughout the washing line following categories and destinations
  • Optimization of drying time
  • Manual controls in case of computer failure

  • A database

  • Organization of production: categories of linen, articles, linen families, customers, tour
  • Programs machinery: continuous batch washers, dryers

  • Traceability

  • History of the various crossing points of loads for a follow-up quality
  • Display and historical incidents that occurred during production (sorted by default category)
  • Production statistics for each machine, each class of machine, and each customer treated